Debuts Enhanced Image Search and Instant Answers to Rave Reviews

The world’s most private search engine now has the world’s best private image search

Zeist, The Netherlands – March 28, 2017 -, the search engine that serves Google search results in privacy, now has the best private image search in the world.

“Searches are fast, and the new filtering tools work really well,” said Martin Brinkman, tech blogger and founder of “If you value privacy, StartPage image search is the way to go.”

The enhanced StartPage image search allows filtering by predominant color, file type and size. Looking for a medium size png picture of an orange cat? Now you’re covered.

But as Brinkman points out in his preview article, StartPage’s new filtering options go even further:

“Take the search for new wallpaper images for instance….[T]he new tools enable you to set a minimum resolution, and also color or file type if you want. So, no more clicking on images to find out if they match the desired resolution….[Y]ou can use the image search tools to make sure that all low resolution images are filtered out automatically.”

Searching for information is now easier, too, thanks to another new StartPage feature: Instant Answers. Definitions and quick facts about thousands of topics are displayed on screen so users don’t even have to click into a website. Instant Answers also displays quick weather reports and flight information.

StartPage CEO Robert Beens said he was proud to continue his company’s tradition of innovating new search features, but promised that privacy will remain the number one priority.

“We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That’s our guiding star and why we pioneered the private search revolution over 10 years ago,” said Beens. “We do private search better than anyone, and we never collect or store any personal information about our users. Nada. Zilch. Zero."

In addition to serving Google search results in privacy, StartPage provides a free proxy link with every search result. When users visit third-party websites through the proxy links, no one can see them or interact with their browsers—not the websites, their advertising partners, or ISP’s. This protects against spyware, viruses, and annoying targeted ads that stalk users across the Internet.

About is the world's first and most trusted private search engine. StartPage is based in Europe, outside the reach of US data collection mandates, has been third-party certified, and its no-logging privacy has been recommended by Edward Snowden and


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