Ancilla van de Leest Joins Privacy Search Engine

Zeist, The Netherlands – July 27, 2017 StartPage is proud to announce Ancilla van de Leest will join the company as a privacy advisor.

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About Ancilla van de Leest

Van de Leest is one of the Netherland’s best-known privacy advocates and a gifted communicator who has appeared on radio, television, film and in print. She most recently served as the front-runner of the Dutch Pirate Party, emphasizing the importance of privacy rights. Ancilla is a qualified Data Protection Officer who began her mission at Bits of Freedom, a leading digital rights organization. She now speaks and writes with the goal of creating greater awareness about digitization, technology and privacy.

About is a free search engine that delivers actual Google search results in privacy. StartPage never logs user personal information and offers a free private browsing option with every search result. These unique features help prevent the annoying ads that track consumers across the Internet. The company is based in Europe, outside the reach of US data collection mandates, has been third-party certified, and its no-logging privacy has been recommended by Edward Snowden. processes over 2 billion searches per year.

Consumer Friendly Tools

Van de Leest: “We live in a time when an increasing number of people are becoming aware of their right to privacy online. Therefore it is more important than ever to offer consumer friendly tools. StartPage is leading the way for European digital alternatives, and I’m very excited to work for such a progressive company.”

Broadening expertise

“We are thrilled Ancilla is joining our team” said Robert Beens, CEO of “She places the same strong emphasis on protecting human rights as we do, and she has shown herself to be an extraordinary privacy advocate throughout her career.”

The expansion of the team in Europe is a logical step as European consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of privacy. Corporations are particularly concerned about safeguarding their data, especially with the upcoming and much stricter European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Europe needs privacy-friendly alternatives to replace the dominant US search engines,” Beens noted. “ is the obvious choice for people and companies looking to protect their online privacy. We know Ancilla will be very successful in reaching large audiences with that message.”


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