Privacy Search Engine Launches Anonymous Browsing Feature

The next big thing in private search

The Hague, Netherlands – November 29, 2018 - Privacy search engine has launched a revolutionary “Anonymous View” feature. It protects users against tracking by acting as an anonymizing buffer between sites and the user.


By now, everybody is aware of  “incognito mode,” an internet browser feature that prevents storage of browsing history and cookies. But incognito mode gives a false sense of privacy: It doesn’t protect users from websites tracking, saving, and selling their behavior. Anonymous View does.


When a user clicks on an Anonymous View link, goes to the website, retrieves the page, and displays it to the user. The website sees as the visitor, while the user remains invisible. This allows users to visit websites while protecting their privacy.


A free Anonymous View link is delivered to the right of every search result at

"With this innovation, we make it easier for consumers to keep personal data more private than ever before. Anonymous View is easy to use and unique for any search engine," said CEO Robert Beens. “Unlike the incognito mode in your browser, Anonymous View really protects you. It combines searching in privacy with viewing in privacy.”

“We will continue to offer the world's best search results without the tracking and profiling,” Beens promised. “We are proud of our new features together with our new design and faster results. We will continue to develop new online tools that help people take back their privacy.”

------------------- is the world's first and most trusted private search engine, and never logs or shares user personal information. The company is based in Europe and distinguishes itself by facilitating anonymous search on the internet.


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